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Classical Homeopathy

Meet Lucinda Sayre

Welcome! I am a Classical Homeopath, massage therapist and Zen student.


In my practice, I support and encourage clients who are interested in deep, personal healing from the inside out. Together, we explore all levels of life experience with compassion and curiosity, and identify what is asking to be healed. Answering the question "what is asking to be healed?" is at the core of finding a homeopathic remedy and can be a healing journey in itself.

I then apply the principles of Classical Homeopathy and prescribe the appropriate homeopathic remedy that can inspire further healing.

Each of us has a higher purpose for our existence. Along the way, we can become distracted, exhausted and disheartened, losing sight of what we are guided to do and be. Being healthy, peaceful and happy is our natural state. Homeopathy can help with the inevitable changes in life, easing the journey and supporting our inherent and miraculous ability to heal.

I am available for long distance consultations over the phone or internet as well as in person in my Tahoe City, CA office. Contact me for more info.

Meet Lucinda
Why Homeopathy?

Why Homeopathy?

It can help with

Weight Loss

Feeling fit and energized makes weight loss easy. Suffering is optional!

Women's Health

A women's hormonal system is a complicated symphony of moving parts. It is affected by the environment, personal relationships even the thoughts we think.


Don't let stress rob you of seeing the opportunities that life offers in every moment.


Ever had stress effect your digestion? Ha! We all have. Homeopathy can help!


Sometimes it's hard to get up and go. Fatigue can be a sign to pay attention and address deeper issues that are at the root of dis-ease.


As we heal long held beliefs and assumptions, our feelings of peace, happiness and joy grow.



Lucinda uses the practice of deep listening to find the map to the root of the issue. Her work is a profound journey into the heart of the matter. Finding the right remedy for me was great detective work!

- Sue C.


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